Sam.NET Portals

A facilities management web software system connecting clients directly with your contractors.

Transform your clients and contractors experience and build end user connections through our client and contractor portals. Many organisations are now turning to cloud services to provide a transparent central access to data for its stakeholder's enabling time and cost efficiencies whilst improving the customers experience.

Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Mobile Device

Our Portal enables you to provide clients & contractors with highly personalised, interactive services on the Web. Your users will be able to receive answers to their questions, complete transactions, submit support issues and query your knowledge base. With an open line of communication, and a range of self-service options, you'll boost client satisfaction as well as long-term retention.


elf's comprehensive support for mobile devices - iOS, Android and Windows Phones - ensures that your end users get real-time access to the information they need, whether it's the latest Condition metrics, calendar information, asset details or more. And, because the Portal is cloud-based, you can empower your clients with mobility to log in anytime, anywhere.

Collaboration with Integrated Contractor Relationship Management

Portal Relationship Management (PRM) enables real-time information flow that enhances visibility and boosts collaboration between you and your contractors.

Engage & collaborate

• Real-time asset and scheduling capabilities.
• A powerful solution which is both easy-to-use and customisable.
• Client self-service, streamline and automated work scheduling with community support.

Features & benefits

Client Portal

• Works diary
• Asset Overview
• Compliance details
• Scheduling appointments
• Maintenance review
• Community forum

Contractor Portal

• Job calendar
• Appointment acceptance & scheduling
• Bulk uploads with document library
• Attach invoices

Help your clients, contractors and employees help themselves.

User Communities are inherently collaborative.

Our Portal community forums are integrated into one easy-to-use collaborative community, which can be accessed anytime, from any device; so customers know that help is just a few clicks away.

Customisable to your needs.

Easily customise your online community to reflect business processes. Create simple-to-use topics that tackle a broad spectrum of needs to surface the best solutions.

Members contribute questions and employees answers, ensuring clients can quickly find the best answers. The experience doesn't end in the community. Employees can interact via Sam.Net to ensure questions never go unresolved.