Business Processes & Review

elf provides leading secure, accurate, efficient and effective front and back office business services and solutions delivered through the application of innovative technology, proficient processes and flexible resource models; providing excellent value for money.

We can assist in streamlining processes, improving quality, productivity and consistency, by applying a combination of Lean and Six Sigma tools and methodologies, backed up by principles and vision to enable cultural change and acceptance, which ultimately deliver effective and efficient business services.


• Review process, map and create a set of work instructions to simplify and enable learning
• Increase scope to process highly complex requirements

Service Delivered

• Capability increased from simple to extremely complex workflow processing
• Introduction of quality check and assurance process and performance management
• Guaranteed quality to end customer and improved capability of staff
• Flexible resource model applied through the application of multi-skilled staff
• Assist in achievement of government targets


• Provide efficient service to clients
• Flexible, efficient and multi-skilled work force
• Improve process capability
• Provide ability to process larger volumes of applications
• Continuous improvement/gain share
• Delivery of a value for money service