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About us...

"elf's vision is to be the leading supplier in property & asset management software solutions. We will earn our status through continuous improvements driven by the integrity and innovation of elf's employees and customers."


elf Software specialise in developing software solutions in Property and Asset Management. elf's total confidence on the quality and effectiveness of our solutions is based on 20 years of experience in the field, offering our clients both peace of mind and a guarantee that a more cost effective solution will not be found on the market.

Our software is Government compliant, with a flexible and user-friendly front end and advanced reporting tools it enables users to effectively manage and manipulate data to meet individual and Council wide requirements. The system provides a corporate solution which can be integrated with existing and future third party systems to enable the centralisation and electronic storage of all core property & asset management information and other data enabling the council to adopt information and data management best practices utilising one set of core data.

Working with elf will fulfil the key objectives of utilising a corporate asset management solution, improve the sustainability and quality of the underlying processes and data to allow better decision making in the future.
• Use land and property more effectively creating a better "fit-for-purpose" estate.
• Be more efficient with your business processes thereby improving productivity, levels of service and reducing running costs.


elf have vast experience of integrating with third party billing and contractor management software and already have strategic working partnerships in place with software suppliers who specialise within their own markets sectors.
• Systems Link - Energy Management Software
• Real Asset Management (RAM) Plc - Capital Accounting Software
• KEL Computing Ltd - Valuations software

By utilising our strategic working partners Systems Link, Real Asset Management (RAM) and KEL Computing Ltd, we are able to offer a corporate solution covering all aspects of Estate Management, Education, Maintenance, H&S Compliance, Project Management, Time Recording, Valuations & Capital Accounting in accordance with DfE, DCLG, CIPFA & IFRS compliancy. elf can provide a solution that offers the tools, functionality and flexibility to empower clients to proactively meet compliancy regulations to ensure effective management in keeping their estate portfolio safe.

Our partners are happy for you to contact them direct to obtain information on a product or service they provide that may be of interest to you, or if required a reference on the elf software product and services.